How Deep Learning and NLP Influence Our Businesses Today

What is going on in your customers’ minds? That is the question marketers and business owners have been asking themselves for years. Is there a way to grasp how consumers really feel about your products? And if so, how can you use that to develop better products and create a more profitable business? Yes, all […]

Benefits of a strong brand equity and 5 key tips to building it

Brand Equity _blog

Products are made in a factory, but brands are created in the mind Walter Landor A brand is a lot more than just a logo or a product. A brand acts as a promise to its consumers and prospects. It is a promise of real value and quality that consumers expect to receive along with […]

The Elf Revolution-Or how Symanto saved Christmas

The elf revolution

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Joyful faces are everywhere, the smell of cinnamon sweets is in the air and children all around the world are excitedly awaiting for Santa Claus to visit and bring them many presents. Still, there is one thing only a few know – Santa is running a […]

Employee perception in top UK companies – behind the scenes

Employee Perception

Surely, if you could ask your employees anything, you would like to find out, for example: what do the employees of your company value the most? Or how has the coronavirus crisis management been perceived? How has a specific aspect been improved or worsened over time? We had similar questions about the 3 main employers […]

Good Customer Service: Reading between the lines

Good Customer Service reading between the lines

Your new purchase has arrived! At first glance, the design and the features of your new mobile phone make you fall in love. A first call to test it! Oh, it seems that you hardly hear anything even if you turn up the volume to the maximum. You look up the customer service number, and […]

Consumer Insights: The Path to Drive your Business to the Top

Consumer Insights

Just imagine this situation. You are at home and someone knocks at your door. When you open there is somebody (your “buyer persona”) that swears to have the ultimate advice for your business. That ONE advice that will have the most significant impact on your brand, optimise your budget, and be the most appreciated by […]

Sentiment analysis using product review data

Sentiment analysis using Product review data

It is estimated that, before buying a product or contracting a service online, more than half of consumers regularly consult opinions and reviews. Product reviews are one of the highest influencers in a purchase decision, along with other factors such as price. This trend is accentuated with the increase of internet accessibility, and more and […]