How To Choose the Right Text Analysis Software

text analysis software

Deciding which software is right for your business is a challenge. Before committing to new software you want to know that it will be useful to your specific needs and that your employees will not only find it helpful but also easy to implement and adopt. To help you in the decision process, we’ll define […]

How To Analyse Survey Data Quickly and Accurately

how to analyse survey data

Social listening and analysing online reviews is extremely insightful when it comes to understanding your audience and their relationship with your brand. But what if you have a specific line of questioning in mind? Perhaps you want customer feedback immediately after a product launch, and there isn’t enough data online yet. Or maybe you’d like […]

Symanto: An Alternative to IBM Watson AI Personality Insights

IBM Watson AI Personality Insights

Looking for an alternative to IBM Watson AI Personality Insights? Symanto APIs offer many of the same features and benefits. As of December 2021, IBM Watson Personality Insights will completely cease to exist. IBM has already halted new instances, and are directing people to their natural language processing (NLP) service, which, incidentally, is also comparable […]

Artificial Intelligence Tools Used to Predict Consumer Behaviour

use of artificial intelligence

If there’s one thing that artificial intelligence excels in, it’s sifting through hoards of data and spotting patterns. Given the amount of consumer behaviour data available and easily accessible online, it’s wholly unsurprising that AI has been harnessed to make accurate predictions around consumer trends, their motivations, needs and preferences. The use of AI in […]

The Way to Digital Transformation and 5 Tools That Help You With It

digital transformation tools

The Real Meaning of “Digital Transformation” Digital transformation is often confused with the terms “digitisation” and “digitalisation”. This isn’t about moving your processes from analogue to digital (as with “digitisation”), nor is it about easily accessing data (as with “digitalisation.”) Instead, digital transformation is about using tools and technologies to fundamentally changing your processes, your […]

Customer Satisfaction Data Analysis: How to Interpret Results from the Symanto Insights Platform

customer satisfaction data analysis

Traditionally measuring customer satisfaction involves asking customers to fill out surveys. But customer satisfaction data is being captured organically in the form of reviews and in conversations on social media. The Symanto Insights Platform automates customer satisfaction data analysis from readily available content online. In this article, we’ll show you how to interpret the results […]

5 Steps to Developing a Data-driven Business Strategy

data-driven business strategy

Devising business strategies can feel as though you’re sailing the unchartered sea. It’s in your best interest to collect as much information as you can to help you assess your current position and navigate towards your desired trajectory. With so much big data easily available, the solution is clear: to organise and analyse all the […]

What Are Psychographics and How to Obtain Them

what are psychographics

It’s a commonly known fact that bears repeating: to create an effective marketing strategy, you need to understand your audience. Up until recently, in marketing circles that meant understanding the demographics of your audience (age, gender, ethnicity, occupation, level of education, etc.) But as of 2016, understanding the psychographics of your customer base has been […]

What Is Sentiment Analysis? How to Tell What Your Customers Truly Think

what is sentiment analysis

We form opinions on everything all of the time, whether we realise it or not. Sometimes we are passionate about how we feel, and can easily and directly express ourselves, other times our opinions are more nuanced. Sentiment analysis helps us explore people’s feelings and opinions about any given subject. It’s something that we humans […]