Mental health Coronavirus

Mental health Coronavirus

Mental Health and Corona – The Coronavirus represents the greatest threat to physical health in modern times. Simultaneously, fear of the unknown and the fear of the very real repercussions of the virus is threatening to impact the mental health of many around the world. Add into this the huge lifestyle changes we’re all being asked to make and it’s easy to see why our emotions and feelings are being affected.

To provide insights on the impact of Coronavirus on our mental health, we are constantly monitoring millions of Coronavirus conversations that are taking place on Twitter each day. This enormous amount of data is then analysed in real-time with the charts on this dashboard.

This tracker is based on English Tweets with mentions of Coronavirus-related terms. Check out our German Tracker based on German Tweets and the Spanish Tracker from our partner Atribus.

Mental health and Coronavirus: How is the mood in the discussions around Coronavirus?

This map illustrates the Mood Index (percentage of positive Tweets over total Tweets) in each country in the last 7 days:
the more positive the mood, the higher the index.

The Mood Index is based on English and German Tweets with mentions of Coronavirus or related terms.
Only countries with more than 1000 Tweets in the last 7 days are displayed to ensure higher representativeness of the index

Mental Health Issues amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Within the conversations around coronavirus, an essential volume of discussion is around mental health issues, which strongly indicates the negative impact of the pandemic on our mental health. We are closely monitoring both the volume of these conversations and the concrete issues in the discussion.

We use semantic analysis to identify the expressions which are closely related to the mental health issues, and not just the mentioning of the specific issue. For instance, the topic Anxiety includes mentioning of anxiety, panic attack, agoraphobia etc.

Mental health and Coronavirus: What issues are being discussed?

Most discussed mental health issues in the last 24h

Most discussed mental health issues in the last 7 days

Coping in this Challenging Time

We are also monitoring the major topics of discussion to gain more insights on what is drawing our attention or keeping us occupied, in order to identify the main factors that are impacting mental health.

Through semantic analysis, we are detecting topics in three categories: Social, Activities and Behaviour. Social includes the topics of discussions around social interaction or the lack of it; Activities topic covers a wide range of activities people are engaged in; Behaviour topic includes lifestyle behaviour, habits, or one-off behaviour.

Update on April 17th: we have updated the topic model which allows us now to capture more relevant topics. This explains the drastic volume changes in the following charts since April 17th. 

Mental health and Coronavirus: What is drawing our attention and keeping us occupied?

Most mentioned Social topics in last 24h

Most mentioned Social topics in last 7 days

Most mentioned Activities in last 24 h 

Most mentioned Activities in last 7 days

Most mentioned Behaviours in last 24h

Most mentioned Behaviours in last 7 days

Total Tweets in current Tracker (including data of last 7 days)

The Tweets we are collecting include Tweets and Replies, excluding Retweets and Tweets with Link.

If you are interested in a more in-depth report, analysis in languages not yet covered, or have any other inquiry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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