The 3 Stages of Social Media Marketing, and the 7 Tools to Help

Tools for social media marketing

Need some assistance growing and nurturing your social media following? We’ve summarised the best tools out there to help you do just that.

Quality social media marketing involves posting relevant content at the right time, targeted at the right people. We’ve categorised our list of social media marketing tools by purpose – content generation, post scheduling and campaign analysis – to make sure you’ve got all bases covered.

Content generation

One of the greatest challenges of social media marketing is consistently coming up with and delivering engaging, relevant content for your target audience. Here are some tools that automate the process (at least partially) to keep your social media channels freshly updated.

Jasper is your AI writing assistant. Using natural language processing AI, Jasper creates content for social media, blog posts, reports and marketing emails. Jasper scours every publicly available article on the internet on your chosen topic and generates its own, plagiarism-free content.

Though the technology isn’t perfect, with a little proofreading and fact-checking, users claim that Jasper has helped them increase their productivity four times over.

Jasper uses natural language technology to create natural-sounding content in 25 languages.

Lumen5 helps you create videos for your website, YouTube and Instagram channels. Users love the text-to-video conversion feature which uses AI to pair your text with relevant videos and audio from public libraries. Choose from a number of templates and Lumen5 will edit them together into a seamless and professional video. With this feature, users are turning their blog posts into video content to upload to their social media channels effortlessly.

Create compelling intros and explainer videos, or video content for your Instagram and YouTube channels easily.

Post scheduling

Now you have your content, the next step is post scheduling. You need to make sure you’re posting consistently, leaving enough breathing room for your social media showstoppers, and avoid bombarding your audience one moment and deserting them the next.

If your content creation team consists of more than just one person, you’ll need the help of a post scheduling tool for your social media marketing content.

To add to the chaos, you most likely also have to juggle various social media channels at once. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube all have different rules when it comes to optimised post scheduling.

These tools will help you organise the process.

Back when Twitter was in its infancy, Hootsuite staked its claim as the must-have social media marketing tool to help you schedule posts for maximum impact. Over the years it has evolved to keep up with competitors and the changing demands of social media marketers.

At the core of Hootsuite’s ongoing success is its commitment to its purpose: “to empower all organisations – large and small – to strategically grow their brand, business and customer relationships with social.”

Hot on the heels of Hootsuite, Loomly is a more simple, more intuitive and more affordable alternative for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. Depending on the size of your team you can customise your workflow calendar so that you can easily keep track of posts from the drafting phase through to publish.

Campaign analysis

Sprout is an all-rounder app with post creation and scheduling features included, but its social media analytics tools make it stand out from other all-rounders like Hootsuite and Brand Watch. It includes features such as social listening, competitor analysis and intuitive reporting to help you track reach, engagement and follower growth.

Sprout Social also offers rudimentary sentiment analysis to help you keep track of whether the conversation around your brand is broadly positive or negative.

Use the source data on Google Analytics to ascertain where your website’s traffic comes from. Find out how many visitors were driven to your website as a result of organic social media content. You can also use this data for insights into whether your campaign impacted sales and to what extent.

While engagement, reach and follower growth are all interesting metrics, they are somewhat shallow when it comes to revealing the impact of your marketing campaigns. These so-called “vanity metrics” don’t tell you whether you’re attracting prospective buyers, or how the audience feels about your post. That’s where Symanto comes in.

Symanto technology’s superpower is its ground-breaking natural language processing AI. Unlike other sentiment analysis technology, Symanto can understand complex sentences and contextualise words and phrases to understand meaning with greater accuracy.

Symanto’s psychographics feature also tells you what kind of customers are engaging with your post. Are they loyal customers with an existing emotional connection to your brand? Are they promoting your brand? Or are they detractors, or at risk-customers who are detached from your brand?

As our recent breakdown of the BMW Super Bowl ad demonstrated, engagement is just part of the story. Your marketing campaign can reach a lot of the wrong kinds of people, but completely miss the mark with prospective or loyal customers.

Symanto also makes it easy to compare your performance with your competitors to benchmark your brand against similar companies in your industry.

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