Everything you need to know about Symanto Insights Platform


Symanto Insights Platform is an AI-powered text data analytics tool to help you understanding your customers or employees better. Capable of collecting and analysing huge amounts of review data from online or offline sources the app gives you deep insights about topics your customers are dealing with, how they think and feel about them and what kind of personality traits your customers are having in general.

Symanto Insights Platform analyses thousands of review text data within minutes to give you insights about topics, sentiment and psychographics of the customer or employee who wrote them.


To give you the best understanding of the opportunities and functions of Symanto Insights Platform, and how to use it in the most efficient and effective way, you will be guided through the platform by one of our experts. The demo is completely free of charge, independently of the purchasing decision and it consists of a first platform walkthrough by one of our Sales Managers tailored to your business needs.

The demo is available in German and English, although Symanto Insights Platform itself has an integrated translation service to enable you to analyse text data in more than 100 languages.

After the demo you will receive a quote adapted to your personal needs. If you accept the quote, we will send you your sign-up link and you can start exploring Symanto Insights Platform by yourself supported by our onboarding-team.


We offer several packages with different amounts of credits. In general, costs start at 0.11 € per review text analysis. If you are interested in an ongoing solution, you can also choose a plan subscription and get up to 30% discount.

For packages you will have one-off costs that will be invoiced at the beginning of your usage of Symanto Insights Platform. You can then use the platform until you run out of credits. For plan subscriptions you will be charged monthly based on your subscription type.

We offer payment via credit card or invoice.

Click on your name in the left menu and open your “Account Settings”. Navigate to the “Payment details” section and click the edit icon in the top right corner. You can now update your billing and payment details.

If you want to cancel a subscription, please reach out to your Account Manager or send an email to For packages a cancellation is not needed, if all credits are used they won’t be renewed automatically.

You can click “Add more credits” in the left menu and select a package size that’s suitable for you. Click the “Add” button to proceed to the checkout step. Provide your billing and payment details and either pay with card or pay offline. Once done, you’ll get the new credits allocated to your account immediately.


Additional credits can be purchased from your profile directly at any time.

For package solutions, your credits expire twelve months after your sign-up. For plan subscriptions, your credits will be reset to your account amount automatically each month.

Data Protection

You can download our DPA here.

Yes, your data is secure. We are GDPR compliant which implies, among others, that we have to have organisational and technical measures in place to ensure the safety and security of data processing. All the data transfers are secured through encryption and the data is stored in secured systems. We actively and periodically assess the effectiveness of our measures to ensure the security of the processing of data.

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