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How does Symanto Insights Platform work?

Symanto Insights Platform is an AI-powered analysis tool that gives you qualitative insights about your textual data. Just upload your data sets or crawl information from different sources such as online review sites or online surveys, and Symanto’s AI immediately analyses your data and provides you qualitative insights about the author. Learn more about the different features here:

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Brand Recommendation feature​
Measure your Brand Health, explore how consumers experience your Brand and see how your competitors perform in comparison
Topics feature​
Understand which pain points your customers are facing regarding your product and what you can do to improve it
Psychographics feature​
Uncover the psychographics of your customers and design the perfect message to reach them
Timeline feature​
Survey the topics that your customers dealt with, how active they have been and what sentiment they had over time and link the results to specific events, i.e. your marketing campaigns
Comparison feature​
Compare topics among different segments of your data, and discover relative strength & weakness of a specific product, brand or segment

Empower your analytics with Symanto Insights Platform

Symanto Insights Platform reveals the opinions of your customers and employees by analysing text data, giving you insights about current topics, general performances or the psychographic structure of your audience. Whether it’s psychographic marketing, customer service, product development or employee satisfaction, Symanto Insights Platform helps you answer a wide range of business questions:



• What are the main reasons for negative/ positive ratings/ NPS?
• How does a specific product feature compare among different products?
• How has the consumer opinion towards a specific product aspect developed over time?



• How does a specific service aspect influence my consumer's satisfaction?
• What are the main issues of my customer service?
• How has the customer perception towards a specific service aspect developed over time?



• What are the key drivers & barriers of my competitors' product or brand?
• What is the strength/ weakness of one product/ brand compared to another?
• What features/ improvements should I focus on in order to gain more competitive advantage?



• How does one brand compete against another on the level of real consumer connection?
• What are the functional and emotional equities of a brand?
• How do I resonate with my consumers the best?



• What are the detailed reasons for positive/ negative voices of my employees?
• How does employee satisfaction compare among different departments or locations?
• How has a specific aspect been improved or worsened over time?

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