FMCG Industry

FCMG Industry

A success story about a transnational consumer good company with products ranging from food, beverages, cleaning agents to personal care products.

Client objective:

Our client’s main objective was to optimize the marketing messaging, packaging and product display strategy to enhance the overall consumer experience.

Our solution:

As a first step, using our social media crawlers, we collected comments and discussions from online sources related to brands relevant to our client. These sources included Facebook, Google Reviews, Youtube comments and Tweets. We then applied our topic detection, sentiment and psychographic profiling capabilities to understand the context of conversations per brand and create distinct consumer profiles. This also helped to define the most relevant and important target groups within each country. For each profile and target group, we then captured the psychographic characteristics along with key words and tonality that resonate the most. The outcome is a playbook that our client transformed directly into creatives.


Rather than using demographic or socioeconomic profiling, our client saw the benefit of Symanto’s psychographic profiling and messaging in its capability to build profiles based on consumers’ personality, motives and interests. This way, they were able to connect with their consumers on a more emotional level, giving them confidence and validation for each word they’re using. For our client, this meant they were able to enhance their users’ experience by targeted storytelling focusing on relevant topics for each profile in each market.


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