Leverage our Psychology AI to save time and costs when working
with large volumes of texts in multiple languages.

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Unique topic detection

Apply our advanced AI models that discover and categorize emerging topics and trends uniquely from your text.

Go beyond sentiment

Enrich your understanding of text through the lens of emotion and psychology to discover accurate opinions, needs and pain points.

Easy fine-tuning

Take control of your text analytics by fine-tuning the results through our intuitive inline editing interface.

Over 100 languages supported

We have native support for English, German and Spanish and over 100 languages via built-in translation function.

Symanto Platform is tailored for the following use cases

Symanto Platform is tailored for the following use cases

Open-ended survey questions

The most used insights are often found in free-text response. Our platform understands consumer’s drivers and barriers and helps you understand what really matters to your customers.

Online reviews

Online reviews offer tremendous insights into what customers like and dislike. We identify the topics and sentiments customers address in comments so you can act upon actionable insights.

Social media insights

Posts and discussions on social media are a great source to validate your marketing efforts. The metrics our platform collects enable you to discover trends and understand your brand perception.

Need help retrieving relevant data from review portals or social media? 

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