CRM data can host a goldmine of valuable insights that
help businesses identify, prioritize, and validate key focus
areas that improve the consumer experience and the business.

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Millions of data is organically generated every day that gives insights into
how customers experience your products, your company, your brand.
We can help you stay ahead of the curve and cherry pick topics to
anticipate customer experience needs.

Understand your customer

We help you sort out not only what topics and experiences your customers are talking about the most, but also what the satisfaction and sentiment behind these experiences are. Measuring volume and satisfaction is the simplest way to identify which areas are most important and then track the impact of changes going forward.

Understand yourself

Our methodology allows us to find not only hotspots to improve products, processes, and customer satisfaction, but also early-on bright spots to help improve the business through the customers’ eyes.

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Analyze open-ended survey responses with Symanto Insights Platform in minutes. Simply upload your data and let our Psychology AI do the magic.

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Our data science team will guide you to truly understand, resonate and connect with your customers.

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