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Take away the guesswork and learn how to quickly tailor
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Why choose Symanto?


Our Psychology AI will help you develop the deepest understanding of your audience. Go beyond WHAT they are saying to reveal WHO they really are.


Our tailored messaging platform will identify the messages that reach the heart of your audience-what words to use, tone of voice, their motivations and interests.


Engage your customers and make more personal connections with proven uplifts in click through rates and brand engagement.

How we help you

We collect relevant data for your audience or analyze any
proprietary data set to create psychology-based profiles.
On top of that, we build a unique messaging platform that has been proven to resonate better than any generic communication.

Communication Segmentation

Based on Carl Gustav Jung’s psychological types and the communication model of Schultz von Thun we have created a personality and communication segmentation model to simply profile your audience. 

Messaging Platform

For each segment we will create a messaging platform that provides the framework for tailoring communication, brought to life with example campaigns. The platform includes direction on which profiles to focus on and how to balance communication across profiles for maximum impact.

CRM Integration

Depending on the data available, we can help you integrate this communication segmentation into existing internal systems and processes.

Multiple Languages

We currently can analyze text data in 9 languages and for global communication projects, we can compare and contrast segments across markets to identify local and global messaging platforms.

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Symanto Insights Platform

Analyze open-ended survey responses with Symanto Insights Platform in minutes. Simply upload your data and let our Psychology AI do the magic.

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Symanto Services

Our data science team will guide you to truly understand, resonate and connect with your customers.

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