Discover consumers’ hidden needs

with psychology AI

We help you identify key territories of rich promise to innovate by applying
our Psychology AI to millions of online conversations around your industry,
brand and products.

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Trend management is a key discipline in every innovation process but few companies
are able to utilize the power of artificial intelligence to identify early signals of change.
Using our Psychology AI, we retrieve unique consumer profiles and enable the
identification of opportunities and trends for product innovation.

Why choose Symanto?

Access to Millions of Online Conversations

Our crawling services access millions of online conversations across the largest social networks and review sites.

Explorative Discovery of Weak Signals

By applying our Psychology AI, weak signals of change can be identified in minutes.

The Right Messaging to the right people

Knowing your consumers’ psychographic profiles, we know how to reach your audience with innovation to be perceived and listened by them.

How we help you

We collect relevant consumer data, cluster consumers on their
intrinsic needs and motivations, and deep dive into identified
topics that matter to them to reveal where and how to play.

Detect Emerging Needs

We don’t focus only on needs everyone talks about but identify hidden signals that emerge over time at a very early stage.

Apply Psychographic Segmentation

We apply consumer segmentation based on personality traits and motivation to understand the WHY behind their behavior, attitude and preferences.

Understand Brands & Products Landscape

We analyze the current market landscape of brands and products, their perceived personality, strengths and weaknesses from a consumer perspective.

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