Top Business Valuation Software: Financial Data and Beyond

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There are many factors that go into determining the value of a business, and financials are just one piece of the puzzle. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at popular business valuation software programs and what the reviews say about them. We’ll also explore other important factors that can impact a company’s value, such as brand health, and how to measure these intangible assets with AI.

Popular Business Valuation Software: What the Reviews Say

To help you choose the right business valuation software for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular programs and what people are saying about them.

Valutico offers access to reliable market data from leading financial databases such as valuation multiples or beta factors so that you can benchmark a target business’s performance against their competitors, and calculate for risk.

Its automatic forecasting enables you to run scenarios of different business plans to help with decision-making.

What the reviews say

Valutico has received positive reviews from in-house users and consultancy firms alike. Users say that Valutico’s automatic reporting and the ability to export reports to PowerPoint saves them time. They also praise the transparency of Valutico’s market data, making it easy to compare peer businesses, and giving confidence in the inputs.

The interface has about as much grace as a Casio calculator watch, but while ValuAdder won’t win any beauty competitions, it is a trusted tool used by over 3000 businesses worldwide to value their companies. And with a $175 one-off fee, it’s also one of the more affordable options out there.

Essentially little more than a calculator, ValuAdder is a simple, no-frills program that gets the job done. However, if you’re looking for more advanced features such as automatic forecasting or market data, you’ll need to look elsewhere. It hasn’t moved with the times, and that may be its downfall as more consultancies and in-house users increasingly expect these features as standard.

What the reviews say

Users appreciate the simplicity of ValuAdder, saying that it’s easy to use and quick to get results. However, some users find the interface dated and difficult to navigate. While ValuAdder may not be the most sophisticated program on the market, it’s a simple and reliable tool for basic calculations and is favoured by individual users and small businesses on a budget.

If you’re looking for business valuation software for capital budgeting, investment valuation, and project portfolio management, then Riskturn is a solid choice. Riskturn is a data-driven financial forecaster principally designed for risk management, but with a variety of applications in business valuation. It offers a wide and versatile set of models for financial data, including energy transition and ESG risks.

What the reviews say

Riskturn has been well-received by users, with several praising its sophisticated scenario modelling capabilities. Many users also find the software easy to use, despite its complexity.

PlanGuru is a flexible tool principally used for in-house budgeting and performance reviews by small to mid-sized organisations and non-profits. However, they also have a strong user base of independent CPAs and financial advisors who use the software to build financial projections for their clients.

Planguru gives you access to 24+ casting methods from standard growth rates to customised formulae with variables specific to your business, enabling you to create tailored scenarios for different purposes.

Unlike some other platforms, Planguru integrates with all QuickBooks products and excel, making it easy to consolidate historical data.

What the reviews say

Users value how Planguru makes forecasting accessible with their reasonable price points. Their comprehensive onboarding and good customer support ensure that users understand how to use the product for their needs and get the most out of its features. However, some users are frustrated that Planguru is not, as yet, cloud-based, which makes it difficult to access data when working remotely.

Other Factors That Can Impact Valuation

While the business valuation software mentioned above mainly focuses on financial data, there are many other factors that impact a business’s valuation and potential for growth. These are important factors to consider when forecasting future value.

Brand health

A company with a strong brand will be able to charge premium prices for its products and services, it will also find it easier to attract and retain customers, and to attract and retain top talent. All of these factors will have a positive impact on valuation.

Customer loyalty

In a fast-moving economy, customer loyalty is highly valuable. The stability of a business’s existing customer base can help predict future revenue and growth, and therefore has an impact on valuation. In a fast-moving economy, customer loyalty is highly valuable. The stability of a business’s existing customer base can help predict future revenue and growth, and therefore has an impact on valuation. 

Employee retention

Talent is a valuable asset. A business that can attract and retain top talent will be able to continue to grow and innovate, which will have a positive impact on valuation. Conversely, high employee turnover can be a red flag for potential investors.

Competitor analysis

Are there any emerging brands that are a threat to the target business? Is there a business that better meets customer needs? Understanding the competitive landscape is essential for forecasting future value.

Symanto Brand Health Report

Symanto uses highly sophisticated NLP AI technology to provide detailed and accurate reports based on consumer and employee data. These valuable insights bring a whole new dimension to business valuation, shedding light on intangible assets such as customer loyalty, employee retention, and brand health.

Whether you’re looking for software to help you with your investment decisions, or reporting the value of your business to shareholders, Symanto can help you identify risks and opportunities, and make more informed decisions.

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