Symanto Brain: the easiest no-code AI text analytics solution

The most innovative and accessible text analytics AI  

The most innovative and accessible text analytics AI

Turn text into unique insights and create powerful automations with our highly accessible AI technology.

Supporting 50+ languages and pre-trained on billions of text sequences, our powerful AI engine can create and deploy custom AI text analytics models instantly, with no training data required.

Go beyond sentiment and old-fashioned topic modeling, and learn more about the people behind texts with insights into intent, emotions psychographics, customer journey and more.

Custom text analytics models for everyone

Traditionally, it takes weeks or even months for a team of data scientists to build one single custom text analytics model. Now with Symanto Brain, everyone can create robust custom AI models in minutes, creating remarkable impact for businesses and in-house solutions.

Save time:
Create high-quality, ready-to-use text analytics models in minutes instead of weeks or months.

Reduce costs:
Get access to cutting-edge technology that would typically require an elite team of NLP and Machine Learning specialists.

Drive Innovation:
Empower your teams and users to easily create customised use cases and apply  advanced technology without the usual constraints.

Easily customisable for diverse applications

Easily customisable for diverse applications

Below are just some examples of how to apply Symanto Brain for specialised tasks. If your desired use case isn’t listed, get in touch to see how we can help you.

Powerful social listening

Use Symanto Brain to detect spam, predict customer loyalty, identify brand preference, predict consumer needs and more

Analyse customer & employee feedback

Turn unstructured feedback into relevant insights and action points, instantly available across industries

Build emotional chatbots

Detect critical emotions (frustration, anger, etc.), create custom intent models within minutes, and add unique tonality analytics to enhance chatbot flow.

Flexible and intuitive AI technology

Symanto Brain is the next generation AI engine that can create text analytics model instantly in over 50 languages.

A human-understanding machine, Symanto Brain is pre-trained on billions of text excerpts. It has the intelligence to understand text and make accurate predictions using minimal training data, or none at all.

Make powerful predictions about emotions, intent, needs, brand preferences, customer journeys and much more.

Step 1:
Formulate the task to give Symanto Brain the context using natural language. No coding necessary.


Step 2:
Create custom class labels to get more detailed results.

That’s it!

Symanto Brain now automatically understands the task and labels – almost human-like – and creates an AI model instantly ready for you to use:

Predict the label for thousands of text in batch and get insights within minutes…


…or create powerful automation by analysing single text.



Get in touch today and understand your data like never before.

Yuwon Song