Your no-code NLP model generation engine to build text analytics models with highest performance and lowest effort​

By 2025, 70% of new applications developed by enterprises will use low-code or no-code technologies (Gartner)

Your key benefits

Adapt a model to your domain

1 hour

Use as few as 10 examples per class to finetune a model to understand your industry’s language.

Reduce annotation and training efforts by

up to

Symanto Brain instantly understands your classification task and creates custom text classifier without any training data required.

Deploy your model to GPU infrastructure with


Deploy and use production-ready models via Rest API without having to worry about AI infrastructure.

Create powerful NLP models with Symanto Brain


Each model created with Symanto Brain supports over 50 languages natively and can process text from mixed languages without translation in one go.

Understanding nuance and context

Symanto Brain employs custom built neural network models capable of understanding entire phrases instead of single keywords. It can identify intent, emotions, psychographics, values, references, negations, etc.

Easy finetuning

Enhance the performance of your model and adapt to your domain using as few as 10 examples for each class thanks to our active learning based technology.

Example Use Cases for Symanto Brain

no-code nlp_4

Customer Feedback

Go beyond sentiment and keyword, identify themes and root causes from customer feedback.

no-code nlp_5

Building Chatbot

Build custom intent model instantly and monitor nuanced chat emotions.

no-code nlp_7

Process Automation

Categorize support tickets and route them to the responsible department instantly.

no-code nlp_6

Annotation Solution

Employ programmatic labelling of datasets for any custom defined labels without training a model.

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