M&A Due Diligence and Competitive Analysis Using Online Data


Whether or not you are looking to merge with or acquire a new business right now, it’s always beneficial to monitor the horizon for threats and opportunities in your business landscape.

Stay clued up on your competitor movements and consumer trends to enhance your corporate strategy and keep your business one step ahead with the Symanto Insights Platform.

M&A Competitive Analysis with Social Media and Symanto

One of the best ways to get a grasp on how your competitors are performing is to hear from their existing customers.

Social media and review sites offer up freely and readily available qualitative data regarding your competitors. With the Symanto Insights Platform, you can quickly and easily draw vast amounts of data from these sources and convert them into sharp insights for competitive analysis.

Which of your competitors has the most loyal customer base?

Measuring brand sentiment only tells half the story. To get a metric for customer loyalty and emotional brand equity, you need to know your brand recommendation score.

The Symanto Insights Platform categorises authors into promoters, detractors or indifferent. The more promotors you have in relation to your detractors and indifferent customers, the higher your brand recommendation score.

A high recommendation score is an indicator of a loyal customer base and therefore a more valuable target for mergers and acquisitions.

Who has the largest share of voice of the market?

With the Symanto Insights Platform, you can quickly and easily see which brand has the most noise online. This can be an indicator of popularity, although this is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll need to explore in more depth to find out who your main competitor really is.

Are you attracting a similar type of customer?

… Or are they less of a threat than you might think? The Symanto Insights Platform takes statistics on written text to decipher the personality traits and communication styles of the text authors with Psychology AI.

When comparing your target market with those of your competitors, you may draw the line at demographic profiling or behavioural profiling. However, segmenting by personality traits and communication preferences reveals a lot about the kind of customer your brand attracts.

Even though you may offer similar products and services, the brand messaging you’ve cultivated may have attracted very different personality types.

In our webinar entitled “Quick Due Diligence Through Social Media Analysis,” we use the example of delivery services. Even though UberEats has the largest share of voice, Door Dash is actually a more direct competitor to Grubhub based on the personality traits the brands attract.

Which target is the best fit with your business?

The Symanto Insights Platform organises data into topics and subtopics so you can easily see what customers and critics are talking about in relation to a brand. Find the target business which best compliments your business.

Analyse conversations to discover consumer trends and pain points for your company and discover whether your potential target ticks the boxes you currently don’t.

M&A Due Diligence

Before deciding to acquire or invest in a business you must first conduct a thorough M&A due diligence report to gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and strengths of your target business.

The Symanto Insights Platform assists you in your M&A due diligence reporting in the following ways:

Track sentiment trends

The quickest and broadest way to check the health of a brand is to look at customer sentiment over time. Is it on the rise? Is it steady? Or is it steadily declining?

The Symanto Insights Platform enables you to compare sentiment over time across several brands to see which are gaining popularity and which are losing favour with their customers.

Identify key issues

The Symanto Insights Platform identifies the topics and subtopics within online conversations and then assigns a corresponding sentiment: positive, negative or neutral. Discover pain points by identifying topics with the most negative sentiment. Then consider how easy or difficult they would be to address, and how much you’d need to invest to get customer sentiment back in the green.

It’s not just customer reviews and conversations that can be monitored. If you acquire a new business you’ll also be acquiring their employees and their company culture. Using Glassdoor reviews or forum data, you can analyse employee contentment.

Analyse pain points in depth

Now it’s time to dive down and explore challenges in more depth. Extract specific examples of conversations in which a topic is mentioned. Get fine-tuned insights straight from the customers.

The Symanto Insights Platform uses interactive data visualisation to help you navigate the platform intuitively.

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The Symanto Insights Platform is a versatile tool that can help you at all stages of marketing and acquisition. From M&A due diligence through to helping you connect with your new customer base post-acquisition.

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