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Quick due diligence through social media analysis

Social media is an important component in management consulting, especially for due diligence processes, as it enables an insight into the uncolored, authentic customer and employee perception. However, the challenge lies in the selection of the relevant data, in the amount of data and in the lack of tools that can provide a deep and precise analysis. 

Webinar Overview:

Duration: 30 minutes
Language: English
Speakers: Khaleeq Aziz, Yuwon Song

As part of this webinar, we will show you how we use an AI-based text analysis to enable deep, valuable insight into companies within a very short time. 

Using a use case, we will show you:

  • relevant social media metrics that are important in social media due diligence processes.
  • the possible depth of the analysis that goes far beyond sentiment analyzes, such as emotions, psychographic customer segmentation, etc.
  • and how consultants use these insights for your projects. 


Watch the webinar video:

Khaleeq Aziz

Khaleeq Aziz

Founder & CEO

About Khaleeq:

With a background in forensic profiling and a solid entrepreneur spirit, Khaleeq founded Symanto Group in 2010. From that moment, Khaleeq empowers the Symanto team with the unique combination of Psychology and Technology, allowing companies all over the world to truly understand not just what their customers are saying but who they really are.

For the first time ever, we are able to find emotions, motivations and attitudes, by just knowing how people write.

Khaleeq Aziz, Founder & CEO
Yuwon Song

Yuwon Song

Senior Sales Manager
of Symanto

About Yuwon:

Yuwon joined Symanto in 2015. Before joining the company, she was working as a market researcher with focus on the automotive industry.
At Symanto, she is responsible for DACH sales as well as for the global Key Account Management, for strategic customers such as: VW,  the hi-fi producers JBL and Harman Kardon. Additionally, she is the strategic consultant in regards to the application fields and the possibilities of Symanto’s AI.


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