Resto Insights – The Key to Maximising Your Restaurant Review Ratings


Running a restaurant takes a lot of time, effort and energy, however, making a success of an enterprise of this type takes more than just hard work. In order to satisfy the needs of your customers, you need to know what you’re doing right and conversely, what you’re not doing so well.

Ordinarily speaking, this kind of information is derived from online reviews, from sites like Trip Advisor and Yelp, although, delving through what can be an enormous amount of data can be very time-consuming.

At Symanto, we provide actionable information with our RESTO INSIGHTS engine that automatically processes large amounts of review data.  What’s more, after we’ve uploaded the data to our analytics engine, the text is then classified into topic e.g. FOOD and sentiment e.g. DELICIOUS FOOD, so that the underlying emotion of the review comment can be determined.

Star Ratings

Typically speaking, restaurant reviews are provided by customers in the form of a star rating (e.g. 4 out of 5) and an accompanying comment. The star rating is a good gauge of the overall sentiment of a review, however, this doesn’t always tell the whole story. This is because the comments can also contain both positive and negative comments that can help you to fine-tune how you do things.

For example, a customer could go to Yelp or Tripadvisor and give a review of 4 out of 5 and provide some positive comments e.g. “At the restaurant, we had a lovely Carbonara and Pizza in a great atmosphere with great service”. However, that same review could also contain a negative sentiment like “the lighting wasn’t great, but it didn’t affect the overall experience”. This extra insight would help you to identify areas for improvement that would otherwise be missed.

So, the topics Resto Insights would pick up would include:

Restaurant, Carbonara, Pizza, Experience, Atmosphere, Lighting

And the sentiments would include:

Great, Lovely, Wasn’t Great

This ability to collate vast amounts of customer review data is extremely valuable to your business. Compared to traditional analysis methods, Resto Insights is both cost-effective and accurate.



Still Unsure?

Being able to follow your restaurant reviews is vital for the success of your business and Resto Insights makes doing so both quick and painless. If you’re not sure about whether it is for you, you can try it out first – for free. We will simply gather your review data, upload it into our engine and then we’ll give you access to the resulting insights.

When you see how easy the process is, you’ll realise just how much useful data can be gleaned from reviews that you would otherwise skip over, rather than delve into their true value. Equipped with the information you need about your customers’ feelings towards you, you can turn those 4-star reviews into 5-star reviews.

Come and Try it Out For Yourself

So, if you’d like to fully utilise the data from your online reviews, come and try out Resto Insights for yourself. To find out more about the service, you should head over to our website where you’ll find everything you need to know and more.

If however, you want to speak to us directly, fill out our contact form and we’ll do everything we can to get back to you as quickly as we can.