The Jingle-Sniffles: or How Symanto Saved Christmas… Again!

elf revolution

With workplace sentiment at an all-time high thanks to Symanto, Santa Inc. was steaming towards its most productive and successful year yet. But with Christmas Eve in sight, disaster strikes, and Santa has to make a timely decision to save the day.


Chapter One
A successful year at the workshop

Santa watched over his bustling workshop, his eyes glistening with pride at what he and his elves had accomplished with the help of a little AI automation.

Just like magic, Santa Inc. had bounced back from the Elf Revolution fiasco of 2020, and this year, Santa’s workshop had never been more productive. The shelves were brimming with toys for each and every well-behaved child around the world, and the elves were happier than ever, anticipating the best Christmas of all time.

Just as the elves had begun wrapping up the last batch of toys, Ed Nog, the chief elf, heaved open the front door and ran over to Santa, all a-fluster.

“Come quickly, Santa!” he wheezed “I-i-it’s the reindeer!”


Chapter Two
A bad case of the jingle-sniffles

When Santa arrived at the stables, Mrs Claus and a crowd of concerned elves had already gathered, gasping and murmuring with consternation.

As it turned out, Rudolph’s nose was red for a reason, he had a raging case of the jingle-sniffles, a non-serious but highly contagious disease affecting enchanted animals in the North Pole. Now every single one of Santa’s reindeer had a glowing red nose and was sneezing glitter everywhere.

“The vet says they’ll need to quarantine for at least a week,” sighed Mrs Claus.

“A week?!” Exclaimed Santa. “But it’s Christmas Eve-eve-eve! How ever will we find a replacement service capable of delivering all of these presents in just two days?”

“Breathe, dearest” soothed Mrs Claus as she racked her brain for a solution.

“I know what will help” squeaked a voice from amongst the elves. The crowd parted to reveal the smallest elf of all.


Chapter Three
Santa calls on Symanto…again!

Holly Berry, the smallest elf, was chief of HR at Santa Inc. and was a whiz at using our AI system to manage elf satisfaction in the workshop.

“I’ve heard you can use Symanto AI for B2B competitive analysis. We can compare data about all of the courier services in the North Pole, and find out which of them offers the fastest and most reliable service.”

“Ho-Ho, Holly Berry, you’re BRILLIANT!” boomed Santa, and with no time to spare, he dashed to his office to make an urgent phone call.


We could hardly believe our ears when we received the call at Symanto HQ. Christmas in trouble again? And so close to the big day. Luckily we knew exactly what Santa needed.

We trawled thousands of online reviews and social media posts mentioning the North Pole’s most popular courier services. We detected key topics such as speed, reliability, support, and price and value. We compared net sentiment overall, by topic and by subtopic to discover which service could best meet Santa’s needs.

Here’s what we found:

United Polar Bear Service (UPBS)

Most of the positive reviews for UPBS centred around their ability to handle and ship heavy packages of 60kg+. But they received the lowest sentiment score for speed (-73%) due to the fact that they offer a reduced service in winter when most of their staff go into hibernation.

It’s been four weeks, and I’m still waiting for my sheep costume to arrive.


Penguin Post

Penguin Post had the joint highest net sentiment score for speed of delivery (+80%) but scored low on reliability as customers report packages arriving in poor condition.

The ingredients for my gingerbread man arrived all soggy.


Arctic Hare Express Couriers (AHEC)

AHEC also received a high net sentiment score for speed of delivery (+80%) they also scored highly on support with many reviewers commenting on the benefit of their international help desk.

Superspeedy and efficient service. They’ve never let me down.


However, small hares struggle with heavy parcels, and customers complain of the hefty surcharge for large packages. Will that be a deal breaker for Santa?


“Ho Ho Ho! How marvellous!” Santa exclaimed upon reading our report. “It seems we have our answer!”


Chapter 4
A Hare-y Christmas

The Hares at AHEC were honoured to hear from Santa, and were well used to large scale, international deliveries from their work with the Easter Bunny.

But there was one big problem: how were the hares going to deliver large packages like bicycles and electric scooters to children all over the world?

“Well that’s not a problem at all!” chuckled Santa. He drew a handful of magic dust out of his pocket and sprinkled it all over the presents. “Now they’re as light as a feather!”

Right this very minute AHEC are working diligently with Santa to fulfil their contract and ensure that well-behaved children around the world get their presents on Christmas Eve.

This year, for one year only, when you leave out a carrot on your mantlepiece or on your doorstep, it won’t be for the reindeer, but for the hard working arctic hares of AHEC.

And it seems they’ve already made a trial run, as just this morning we received a special delivery direct from Rovaniemi – Mrs Claus’s famous gingersnap cookies, still warm from the oven! And they came with a note.

“The magic of your technology saved us once again! Thank you. Mrs C, Mr C, and all our happy elves.”


Spoilers for Christmas 2021

The elf who sees the future doesn’t generally divulge his secrets, but over a hot cocoa and a generous helping of lebkuchen, he did let us in on a few things that will happen over the next few weeks.

AHEC delivers every single one of Santa’s presents on time,

Holly Berry gets promoted for showing initiative in a crisis,

All of the reindeer make a full recovery and eagerly await Christmas 2022,

Rudolph was the only reindeer with a lasting jingle-sniffle side-effect: that red nose.


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