Symanto understands consumer’s real needs and emotions through text
analysis so you can take impactful action with data-driven insights.

Our strategic partners

We combine psychology with artificial intelligence

With the help of Psychology AI, we help you  understand,
resonate and connect with your customers.


Analyse open-ended survey responses and online reviews with Symanto Insights Platform and glean insights in minutes.


With interdisciplinary experience in consumer insights, data science and AI, we create tailor-made solution to achieve your business goal.



You can easily make Psychology AI an integral part of your own systems and benefit  from our proprietary text analytics models.

Symanto's unique Psychology AI is designed to power real consumer-centric strategies and actions. Our AI engine transforms any type of text into in-depth consumer insights and shows how text analytics is more than just "sentiment analysis".

Khaleeq Aziz
CEO of Symanto

Our customers and their success stories

Symanto as a partner helped us to gain much deeper insights from our Social Media channels. Social Media has become an important source for market insights, where we can derive real audiences feedback and make improvements for our formats and social media campaigns, and it's not just a source for measuring KPIs anymore. We couldn’t analyze comments on social media channels in such depth before our cooperation with Symanto. Given that this was a new approach for us, it was very important to understand the process and its benefits but also the limitations of this methodology. We can clearly say that the team at Symanto is very competent, always extremely helpful and fun to work with.

Symanto is a great partner for us to kickstart sentiment analysis focused on customer experience insights. As an innovative research company it is important for us to map various use cases which we feel is possible with the Symanto Insights Platform. The great amount of customisation and transparency convinced us to adopt this approach as a core solution. Besides, the team at Symanto has been very helpful along the way and we highly appreciate the constant effort to improve and refine the platform.

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