Indices CognoSight + Symanto
Bringing the Best in Cognitive Technology To a New Market


We’re excited to announce our partnership with CognoSight by Indices. This intercontinental collaboration will connect Symanto’s renowned artificial intelligence technology with the Latin American market.

Indices is a business with over 22 years’ experience that developed CognoSight to enable brands to understand their clients’ personalities, emotions and feelings. CognoSight uses the best in cognitive technology to analyse and segment audiences so that you can make the best decisions for your clients and understand them as people, not merely transactions. Symanto was a natural fit.

Symanto + CognoSight provides customers Insights based on Spanish native-written algorithms for enhanced accuracy in the Spanish language.

CognoSight applies Symanto’s six models to analyse unstructured text at scale:

Consumer Personality Traits
Communication Style API
Text Sentiment Analysis
Aspect Based Sentiment
Emotion Text Analysis
Natural Language.

CognoSight then aggregates its findings to calculate new and disruptive metrics including:

● Customer Experience Index, calculated directly from emotions.
● The propensity for certain behaviours (upselling, cross-selling, loyalty, value drive, price-driven, brand-driven).
● Propensity to use digital communications – to what extent customers will accept digital communications and use transactional channels.
● Propensity to take risks, to understand the buying decision-making process.

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