It’s all About the Fans


In the modern day of Big Data, there exits still a gap between Sport Clubs and their Fans in terms of Social Media activity and engagement. However, by focusing on the inner motivations and the emotions Fans have when discussing on Social Media combined with the clubs own CRM data, sports clubs can connect with their fans on a deeper level. This, in turn, results in a closer Club-Fan relationship, from which both sides can profit.

Therefore, Symanto created the Fanalytics AI tool, which delivers Fan-based analytics to your business units & operational activities. Fanalytics can not only show you which kind of fans exist in your fan-base, but also detects their wants and needs, their emotions in social media activity, their most discussed topics and their inner motivations:

  • What do your fans expect, want and need?
  • What is the motivation behind their purchasing decisions?
  • What are their intrinsic motivators that keep them loyal & engaged?
  • Why do they attend games?
  • What are their attitude and behaviour towards the club?
  • What are they talking about?

The answers to these questions enable you to achieve a deeper understanding of each of your fans, which is based on Psychographics, so you can engage all of them individually.

Based on our Psychology AI, we can deliver unique fan profiles of your Fan-base, and automated their identification. These actionable psychology-based insights assist sports clubs and businesses in the making and implementation of strategic and operational decisions in the fields of:

Team evaluation: Discover the sentiment of the fans towards the club and players as well as the drivers & barriers for each profile.

Fan engagement: Engage your fans individually based on their profiles to build stronger loyalty towards the club.

Ticketing & Merchandising: Understand why fans decide to purchase a ticket/merchandise article or why they decide against it.

Sponsor Evaluation: Evaluate what fans think of the team’s sponsors and identify possible new sponsors based on the psychological traits & interests of fans. 

Our main goal is to provide you with all the accessible data to identify, understand and engage your Fan-base so you can be the #1 Fan of your Fans.