Who are the Experts and How they Can Help you Grow your Business?


An expert is a loyal consumer who possesses deep knowledge of the company and its products as they closely follow the progress of the company and its products. Thus, they are able to provide an external view of the company and its products.

They also exhibit extraordinary problem-solving skills through their wide range of experiences. By approaching the subject at hand analytically, they are able to communicate in a way that not only other experts can understand but also consumers who are new to the subject.

Experts are furthermore, able to objectively asses their own performance and capabilities as well as that of others.

What do you gain?

  • Identify which group contains the most experts

The product feature experts allows you to uncover how many experts are in your different groups of consumers.

  • Find out where to find experts

From Facebook, Twitter, forums etc., there are many places where people are actively discussing your products and/or your brand. This feature enables you to pin point where experts are most active and through that where to find.

  • Discover what experts talk about

Gain a deeper insight with the topics that experts are interested in. What aspects about the product and/or brand are they talking about.

  • Evaluate product performance

The determination of which features of your products and/or brand are performing well and those that aren’t based on concrete feedback of experts is also possible.

What are the benefits?

Influencer building

Experts contrary to normal influencers, do not set out to deliberately affect the decision of the ordinary consumer. However, due to the knowledge that they display when analyzing a particular subject, they are able to influence the other groups in their decision. They also come off as trustworthy as compared to the typical influencer.

Brand Positioning:

By analyzing the feedback of experts who are familiar with the company’s product and the itself, the company is able to gain an understanding of how their brand and products are perceived outside the company.

Product Development:

As they follow the progress of the company and its products, experts have a very good knowledge about the various products of the company and how they differ from each other as well as that of the competitor. They are, therefore, able to offer concrete feedback about which aspects of the product can be optimized and how they can be optimized for a better product.

User-level Targeting:

Because experts are familiar with the brand, they are generally not influenced by general advertisement and slogans. They need to be addressed directly with sufficient information about the product. After identifying the experts and where they are, the company can then move on to target the experts directly in order to engage them and move them to action.

Product Success/Failure Prediction:

The wide knowledge of experts about the company and its products by monitoring both these aspects enable them to differentiate and predict the success or failure of a new product.