No AI Training Data, No Problem: Bring AI To Your Business With No-Code AI Solutions

AI training data

AI is increasingly commonplace as more and more businesses realise its power and capabilities to help with decision-making and to automate laborious processes. But AI has a huge problem: sourcing and effectively using AI training data to build a model that’s fit for purpose.

But this could soon be an issue of the past with the development of new technologies capable of building effective AI models on little to no training data. This is a huge breakthrough for the industry, and could potentially open up AI to a whole new segment of businesses that wouldn’t otherwise be able to take advantage of its capabilities. Symanto Brain is one such example of this, a new technology that enables AI to learn on no training data. Read on to find out more.

What Is AI Training Data?

AI training data is a set of data used to train a machine learning model. The more accurate and comprehensive the AI training data, the better a model can learn and perform a given task. This is why sourcing and labelling quality AI training data can be so expensive and time-consuming – it requires a lot of work to ensure a dataset is fit for purpose.

In fact, the process is so labour-intensive that some critics have called into question the very term “artificial intelligence” since it requires a high level of human input.

That’s where zero-shot and few-shot learning come in.

What Is Zero and Few-Shot Learning

By employing a technique called ‘Transfer Learning’, AI is able to learn a new task with little to no AI training data. This means that businesses can use a pre-trained model, modify a few parameters and then start using it right away.


Basically, a transfer learning model is a pre-trained AI model used as a base for a new task. This means that businesses can skip the costly and time-consuming data collection process and instead use a pre-trained model to customise parameters to best suit their needs.

But isn’t this pre-trained model just a set of labelled data?

Yes and no. Yes, a pre-trained model is a set of labelled data that has been used to train a machine-learning algorithm to a certain level of accuracy. But an AI model trained on a zero-shot or few-shot dataset leverages Transfer Learning technology which allows the AI to gain a more general understanding of a given task, as opposed to a very specific task that a pre-trained model was designed to do. This gives the AI a better understanding of a given task and lets it generalise to other tasks with no further training required.

For example, let’s imagine you want your AI model to be able to identify emotions in your customer service chatbot. With a standard pre-trained model, you’d have to source a large amount of data and train a model specifically to understand words associated with a variety of emotions. With a zero or few-shot model, the AI can piece together what it knows to identify a wider range of emotions without any further data.

Benefits of zero-shot and few-shot learning

The main benefit of this type of AI training is that it’s a lot faster than traditional methods. You don’t have to source a large dataset, nor do you have to spend a lot of time labelling the data and training a model. This makes it a much more cost-effective solution for businesses looking to use AI without breaking the bank.

In addition, a zero or few-shot model is also a lot more generalisable than a standard pre-trained model. This is because it uses a more holistic approach to understanding a given task, rather than a very specific one. This makes the AI more suitable for a wider range of tasks and makes it easier to adapt to changing conditions in the workplace.

Introducing Symanto Brain: Text Analytics with Little to No AI Training Data

Symanto Brain is a no-code model generation engine specifically for natural language processing (NLP) and text analytics. Create high-quality models, and fine-tune them to your industry and specific needs, all in less than an hour – a process which ordinarily would take an elite team of NLP and ML experts weeks.

Powered by cutting-edge AI research, Symanto Brain works in over 50 languages and can understand nuances of human conversation.

You can use Symanto Brain to:

●     Get insights from customer feedback

●     Build custom intent chatbot and monitor nuanced emotions

●     Automate processes such as categorising support tickets

●     Annotate datasets for any custom defined labels without training a model.

The Bottom Line

Zero-shot and few-shot AI training models are a cost-effective and time-saving way for businesses to start using AI in their operations. Symanto Brain is a no-code solution that enables you to build custom AI text analytics models with little to no training data, making it a great choice for businesses of any size. With a few clicks, you can get up and running with a fully customisable AI model that can help you get better insights from customer data, automate processes and more.

Get Started with Symanto Brain

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