Symanto: An Alternative to IBM Watson AI Personality Insights


Looking for an alternative to IBM Watson AI Personality Insights? Symanto APIs offer many of the same features and benefits.

As of December 2021, IBM Watson Personality Insights will completely cease to exist. IBM has already halted new instances, and are directing people to their natural language processing (NLP) service, which, incidentally, is also comparable with the Symanto suite of tools.

Let’s take a look at both tools and see how they compare.

What Was The IBM Watson AI Personality Insights Service?

IBM Watson AI Personality Insights used NLP to infer intrinsic personality traits of individuals from written text on social media, over emails, messages and on forums. The defined personality traits were based on the Big Five, a widely accepted personality theory. The Big Five are:

  • Agreeableness – The tendency to be compassionate and cooperative.
  • Conscientiousness – To what extent the individual is organised and careful.
  • Extraversion – Whether people enjoy and derive energy from the company of others (or whether they are more solitary and reserved)
  • Emotional range – In many descriptions of the Big Five personality traits, this is referred to more negatively as “neuroticism”. To what extent an individual’s emotions are affected by their environment.
  • Openness – How open is the individual to new experiences?

From this information, the IBM Watson AI Personality Insight service inferred the consumption preferences of the individual, and with timestamped content, could report on changes in behaviour over time.

Consumption preferences indicate what is most likely to motivate the author as a consumer. For example, do they choose clothing based on comfort or fashion? To what extent does social responsibility and welfare affect their buying decisions? How does the Symanto’s Personality Traits API compare?

How Does Symanto Compare?

Just like the IBM Watson AI Personality Insights service, Symanto uses natural language processing to analyse communicative text online and derive insights into written text. Here is a brief overview of some of Symanto’s comparable services.

Personality Traits

Symanto’s Personality Traits API combines the Big Five personality traits with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to give statistics on whether the author has a rational or an emotional personality trait.

Rational thinkers tend to be less neurotic and more conscientious. They make decisions based on logic, facts and objective information.

Emotional thinkers on the other hand, tend to be more agreeable and open. They make decisions based on their social values and relationships.

These indicators help you predict what kind of messaging the author will best respond to.

Communication Style

Also related is Symanto’s Communication Style API. The Communication Style API automatically analyses the narrative style of the writer and the intention behind it, enabling you to better understand the motivations and communication preferences of the author. The Communication Style API takes statistics on whether authors are:

  • Self revealing – Do they openly share their own experiences and opinions with others?
  • Fact-oriented – Do they discuss factual information?
  • Information-seeking – Do they seek advice and ask questions?
  • Action-seeking – Do they give advice and recommendations? Do they require attention?

This information can help you tailor and hone your communications to address people using their preferred communication style.


Symanto’s Emotion Text Analysis API is comparable to one of the features of the IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding service. The Emotion Text Analysis API evaluates text to analyse the emotions experienced and communicated by the author: fear, sadness, joy, anger, surprise and disgust.

Clear and comprehensive insights

Many of Symanto’s APIs are amalgamated into one comprehensive natural language processing service. As well as assessing personality traits and communication styles, it also includes many more features besides that compare with the IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding service.

  • Categories and topics – Symanto extracts metadata from qualitative text to categorise by topic and find out exactly what the authors of online content are saying about your brand, services, products, product features, pricing etc.
  • Sentiment – Symanto’s advanced text analysis capabilities have a high level of accuracy when it comes to measuring sentiment. The platform can take statistics from thousands of online conversations and assign sentiment on metadata (such as the topics mentioned above) to give detailed insights into how customers feel about different aspects of your business.
  • Clear data visualisation – Symanto automatically transforms its findings into easy-to-understand graphs, charts and word clouds making it even quicker and easier for you to gain insights.
  • Intuitive interface – Symanto’s intuitive interface is easy to navigate. Once you’ve examined the initial broad overview, within a few clicks you can explore insights on a granular level to find out exactly what people are saying about your brand.

Get started with Symanto

Whether or not you already have experience using the IBM Watson AI Personality Insights service, explore for yourself if Symanto’s suite of tools is right for your business needs. Get in touch.


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