Top Tips for Creating and Presenting your Campaign Analysis Report

campaign analysis report

What is a campaign analysis report? A campaign analysis report uses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of a marketing campaign. Given that marketing campaigns come in many different forms there isn’t one standard way to conduct a campaign analysis report. Depending on your campaign objectives, you’ll need to source and gather data […]

The Implications of Social Media Data for Due Diligence

social media due diligence

Almost every business has some kind of presence on social media sites, be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn. The main advantages of social media for business are: To promote products and services through paid advertisements to targeted audiences To share company/brand values To provide another channel for customers to engage with your […]

Benchmarking Data: Collection, Analysis & Interpretation

benchmarking data

Collecting data about your competitors is challenging when so much of it is confidential. However, thanks to plentiful sources of big data online, there is an abundance of information that is freely and publicly available to be analysed and interpreted for benchmarking purposes. Discover what benchmarking data is available and what it can tell you […]

How to Use Big Data To Answer Commercial Due Diligence Questions

commercial due diligence questions

A commercial due diligence check encompasses far more than just monitoring the financial health of a company. To understand the overall health of a brand, you need more context. Commercial due diligence answers questions such as “Where is the market heading and how will this affect the target company?”, “Who is the target consumer?”, “Is […]

Employee Survey Analysis: Using AI To Extract More Meaningful Insights

employee survey analysis

Employee surveys are much more than a box-ticking HR requirement, they’re a means of understanding what motivates your workforce. And as we’ve recently explored, a motivated workforce means greater productivity, less absenteeism, increased sales and profitability. So it is in your business’s interest to take employee survey analysis seriously and squeeze every last bit of […]

Management Consulting Data Analytics: Efficiently Gather Client Data with Symanto

management consulting data analytics

Given the broad spectrum of issues that management consultants face, one of the greatest initial challenges on any project is deciding on a data source that, when analysed, will provide you with pertinent insights into the problem. The availability of big data, or rather, the availability of AI tools that can gather and process big […]

Three Symanto Papers to be Included in RANLP 2021


We’re excited to announce that not one, not two, but three of our papers have been accepted in this year’s International Conference on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP 2021). The conference, which is being held online this year, runs from 1st – 3rd September, with workshops subsequently held on the 6th and 7th. […]

How to Identify Communication Styles and Personality Traits

We are one big melting pot. No one individual is the same, so identifying generalised characteristics is not only a challenge, but it can only go so far in defining a person. What characteristics define a person? Sadly, demographics are still overused by businesses in their marketing and branding strategies. According to these companies, your […]

What Are Transformational HR Practices and How To Implement Them

As companies adopt new technologies to automate their processes, it’s freed up time and space for HR departments to rethink their roles and move HR into a new era. What is Transformational HR? Transactional VS Transformational HR Practices Traditional HR is mostly transactional. It is more concerned with maintaining the day-to-day mechanics of a company […]