Fake or Real: How to Spot Fake News Spreaders in the AI Era

Symanto_Fake or Real How to Spot Fake News Spreaders in the AI Era

Technology is evolving fast. So fast that unlimited access to the vast amount of online information is easier than ever. Based on a statistical report from EMC.com, the amount of online information is increasing with a ratio of 40% per year. Powered with the rise of social media in the last decade, users can publish […]

Consumer Insights: The Path to Drive your Business to the Top

Consumer Insights

Just imagine this situation. You are at home and someone knocks at your door. When you open there is somebody (your “buyer persona”) that swears to have the ultimate advice for your business. That ONE advice that will have the most significant impact on your brand, optimise your budget, and be the most appreciated by […]

Sentiment analysis using product review data

Sentiment analysis using Product review data

It is estimated that, before buying a product or contracting a service online, more than half of consumers regularly consult opinions and reviews. Product reviews are one of the highest influencers in a purchase decision, along with other factors such as price. This trend is accentuated with the increase of internet accessibility, and more and […]

Symanto Attending SEPLN 2020 Congress and CLEF 2020 Conference

It has been another exciting week at Symanto HQ as we are attending two very important scientific events for AI and research community. We are committed to using AI for good and through these events we aim to reach wider audiences and make a difference with the power of artificial intelligence. We are delighted to […]

Symanto announcing partnerships with Robert-Koch-Institute and KI-Bundesverband

Our commitment is to put the use of AI in the centre of all our efforts to drive more awareness and create a sustainable business environment. To take our commitment further for the AI ecosystem and community, we are happy to share two exciting news.   Robert Koch Institute Partnership We will be cooperating with Robert Koch Institute which is one of the most important bodies for public […]

Getting started with AI-empowered text analytics in minutes

With Symanto’s Psycholinguistic Text Analytics API you can implement emotional intelligence into your solution and provide the deepest insights from any given text. In this step by step guide, we will explain how to get your API key and make your first request.   You will also need to use an API development platform like Swagger […]

Covid-19 Travel Trends Uncovered

Back in 2019 who would’ve guessed that all our travel plans were about to go down the drain because of a global pandemic? Travel as we knew it, is over. With strict regulations in force, questions are being asked, such as: Where can I travel safely? How can I travel? Will my vacation be more […]

Creating a sentiment bot in Slack with Node.js and Symanto’s Text Analytics API

In this post, we’ll take a look at how you can utilize Symanto’s sentiment model to create a Slack bot with Node.js. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll know how to setup a Slack bot and analyze the user’s writing style with Symanto’s Psycholinguistic Text Analytics API to understand different aspects of their messages: […]

Psycholinguistic Text Analytics API – Emotional Intelligence for your Software Solution

To empower more software solutions to become emotionally intelligent when processing text, Symanto’s unique psycholinguistic text analytics is now available via APIs as a cloud service. Text analytics (also referred to as Natural Language Processing in the language of AI), is the technique of extracting useful insights and meanings from free text such as social […]

Benchmarking Grocery Discounters

In our recent Symanto Mood Index (SMI – created to map the consumer-mood) ranking we compared a number of brands across diverse industries and found (to our surprise) that Aldi came out on top, despite a relatively lower online engagement overall. To understand what is driving this performance, we have used our homebuilt survey insight […]