3 Tips to Draw Better Insights From Data

insights from data

When making decisions for your business, what do you rely on? Is it your gut feeling? Is it the hard data pulled from your website? Or do you take directions straight from your audience? Despite ever-increasing accessibility to social media listening tools and insights platforms, businesses still often rely on their gut feeling or the […]

5 Benefits of Psychographic Marketing Segmentation You Need To Know About

benefits of psychographic marketing segmentation

Psychographic segmentation is an approach used in market research to group customers according to their unique personality characteristics. Using Psychographics as a baseline for segmentation, marketers are able to understand the reasoning behind consumer behaviour. In other words, it enables them to better recognize what subconsciously drives consumers to purchase a product or a service. […]

The Vital Market Insight You Need To Create A Powerful Marketing Strategy

market insights

Market insights reveal previously undiscovered realities about your target audience. The most valuable market insights are those that tap into who your customers are. What drives and motivates them? This knowledge empowers you to accurately predict what your customers want – the Holy Grail of marketing. But there are significant challenges to fully understanding your […]

ECommerce Due Diligence: Discover Important and Comprehensive Insights Within a Few Days

Ecommerce due diligence

For investors or buyers, one of the most important aspects of a due diligence report is understanding the key challenges a company currently faces. Not only that, it’s crucial to know whether the issues are longstanding, whether they are fixable, and how a company’s performance fares against its competitors. All of this information can now […]

How To Instantly Analyse Qualitative Marketing Research To Understand Consumer Behaviour

qualitative marketing research

What influences consumer behaviour? That’s the burning question for every business and marketing company looking to increase their sales. Over the past decade, how we analyse consumer behaviour has been revolutionised by tools for social media listening and online behaviour analysis. But there’s a problem: these tools generally only focus on quantitative metrics, giving binary […]

What is Gated Content? 6 Key Steps To Generate Leads and Convert Them To Sales

Gated content

The internet is a trove of free information. For just the price of your internet subscription, you have access to a seemingly infinite amount of useful resources, tips, and expert advice without having to pay a penny. But much of the content out there has a purpose – namely to build brand recognition, to attract […]

5 Tips to Transform Your Social Listening Insights into a Powerful Action Plan

social listening

You’ve got to know what your customers are saying about you. But there’s a fundamental issue with the majority of social listening tools: they’re just not actionable enough. Social listening tools can provide you with so much data, it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in it. There is so much potential locked in that […]

Market Segmentation with Psychographics

Psychographic Segmentation

Market segmentation is the process of dividing your consumers into segments based on specific parameters. The four main parameters are demographic, geographic, behavioral, and psychographic. Just as access to quantitative big data revolutionized the possibilities of behavioral segmentation, developments in AI are shaping new possibilities around psychographic market segmentation. Conducting large-scale research for psychographic segmentation […]

The Benefits of Customer Profiling

customer profiling

What makes your customers and clients tick? What motivates them to make a purchase? What do they value? Conversely, what deters them from finalizing a purchase? Are your marketing efforts actually doing more harm than good? These are the burning questions of every business owner, and they are the questions that customer profiling attempts to […]

Psychographic Segmentation: discovering the “Why” behind purchase decisions

psychographic segmentation

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to read minds? To know exactly why and what your customers are thinking at any given moment. Well, by using psychographic segmentation, mind reading is almost a reality. Sadly, it is not quite in a Professor X kind of way just yet, but psychographic segmentation can help you […]