How to Drive Profit in Investments

how to drive profit in investments

Do you want to learn how savvy companies drive profit in investments with predictive analysis tools in 2023? By analysing social media data, companies can gain valuable insights into consumer behaviour, industry trends, competitive landscapes, and more.
In this blog post, we investigate why companies are racing to gather and analyse social media data using NLP (natural language processing) technology in order to increase their bottom line and stay ahead of the competition. We also discuss the top five use cases for social media analysing tools in investment decisions.
So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Why are Companies Analysing Social Media Data with Predictive Analysis Tools?

Increased competition, inflation, market volatility, and other geopolitical and macroeconomic challenges are all factors facing various companies. Today, more than the tried and true investment strategies are needed to drive value for companies and investors in the face of challenging market conditions. Companies must rely on innovation through predictive analysis tools and adopt a flexible mindset to take advantage of frequently changing market conditions.
Companies can no longer rely on a long-term, three to five-year investment plan. Similar to how the Internet of Things (IoT) enabled manufacturers to calibrate their manufacturing and production equipment, executives should leverage social media data and other machine learning tools capabilities to act quickly. Decision-making timelines must shift from months and years to days and weeks for companies that want to stay ahead of the competition.
Companies can build a strategic, frictionless flow of information from their own or competitive business that can be continuously mined to advise their management teams, explore new opportunities, and drive profits by using data as a secret weapon. NLP tools, social media analytics, data automation and reporting are just a few examples of how executives can gradually see how new digitisation tactics can lead to more profitable outcomes.

Top Five Ways To Drive Profit in Investments with AI Insights

Below we have listed the five most popular ways companies use AI insight tools to secure a significant ROI and drive investment:

1. Identify Consumer Behaviour Trends

At a larger scale and with a greater number of feedback channels, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand customer input. Thousands of chatbot messages may need to be sorted for companies seeking to understand consumer sentiment to gain a sense of what customers say about their goods or services.
To save time and resources, some companies are turning to automation and customer segmentation tools that can instantly quantify customer input. This information can come from a variety of sources, including chat messages, emails, call centre records and social media comments. Businesses that receive a lot of customer feedback can benefit from using NLP to gain insights in the form of quantitative trends or, in other words, changes in the frequency of certain consumer complaints.
Tracking trends in customer behaviour is one of the key ways Symanto’s AI Insights helps companies increase revenue. This tool provides more information about what customers are saying about goods and services, what they like and dislike, and how they interact with companies by examining data from social media. Companies can use this information to identify investment opportunities in businesses satisfying customer requirements and avoid companies not meeting customers’ expectations.

2. Monitor Industry Trends

AI insights can help companies track consumer behaviour and industry changes by examining conversations on social media. They can use this information to identify investment opportunities that take advantage of these trends and avoid businesses that lag behind.
Chatbots and intelligent assistants that communicate with humans via voice or text channels are among the most obvious applications of AI. For predicting what internal and external customers want and learning how to provide them with more rewarding and personalised experiences, AI has become important to succeed in today’s marketplace. However, harnessing the potential of AI goes beyond technology. It also requires a solid foundation of reliable data and analytics (process and structure) and deep-rooted expertise.
Symanto AI Insights can deliver an unmatched level of decision support and operations through machine learning tools by identifying patterns and acting on them in real-time to generate new revenue opportunities, increase sales margins, increase customer satisfaction, and more.

3. Track Competitor Activity

Every company wants to be at least one step ahead of its competitors. In the past, analysts have tried to predict the behaviour of their competitors using simple methods based primarily on financial data and other structured data. However, it is far more efficient to use NLP to analyse vast amounts of unstructured data, such as material hidden in social media posts or annual reports, to predict competitors’ plans better.
Companies can track their competitors’ activities using Symanto’s AI Insights, which will allow them to learn about what their competitors are doing, their methods, and how clients perceive them by keeping an eye on social media dialogues. They can also use this data to identify investment opportunities in other companies that are outperforming and stay away from businesses struggling to make the grade.

4. Assess Company Reputation

When using AI for online reputation management, sentiment analysis is also possible. This natural language processing technique is used to determine whether data is good, bad, or neutral. For example, AI can gain insight into general attitudes toward a company by examining online mentions of the company and can also identify potential issues that need to be addressed.
Analysts can better understand how a company is perceived online and respond to potential issues by using AI to analyse sentiment.

5. Predict Market Trends

Last but not least, Symanto’s AI Insights can also help companies predict market trends. By analysing social media conversations, leaders can gain insights into what consumers are talking about, what products and services they are interested in, and what emerging trends are likely to impact the market. Companies can use this information to identify investment opportunities in products or businesses likely to benefit from these trends and avoid investing in areas likely to be negatively impacted.


The power of social media analytics has taken the world by storm and helped many companies to drive profit in investments. By using predictive analysis tools to identify consumer behaviour, monitor industry trends, track competitor activity, assess company reputation, and predict market trends, Symanto’s AI Insights provides valuable information that enables companies to make better investment decisions overall.
In addition, companies can use Symanto AI to identify strong investments and optimise operations for long-term success. To learn more about how Symanto can help you see greater ROI through the power of advanced AI insight tools, please get in touch to speak with a member of our team.