Why Social Listening Tools are not Actionable Enough


Social Listening Tools are great to measure the engagement and reactions of your activity in Social Media. The main disadvantage of these tools is that they don´t tell you exactly why certain posts have better acceptance and results than others. This could be because the majority of Social Listening Tools are not programmed to deliver the insights into what is driving the interest and motivations of your audience to like, share or comment on your activity.

Psychology helps us to understand the reasoning behind consumer behavior, what subconsciously drives consumers to purchase a product or a service. This means marketing activities are more likely to be consumer-centric when they integrate psychology insights into it. 

At Symanto we care about people´s opinions, emotions, and motivations. Therefore, we think that technology needs to have a more human way to interact with our society. That´s why we have developed Psychology AI Models that understand human personalities, drivers and barriers in Social Media.

Furthermore, here are 5 reasons why you need to compliment your Social Listening Tools with Psychology & AI to make them more actionable:

  1. Find what messaging is relevant to your audience 
    Sometimes is difficult to get meaningful insights out of a bunch of charts or dozens of filters. With so much unstructured data, it could be challenging to identify your segments and what they expect from you. Psychology AI helps on clustering your audience into more comprehensive segments based on their distinctive psychological traits and deliver a clear guidance of what the optimal communication strategy for each of them should look like.
  2. Use Personality Traits to engage better 
    Personality is what drives consumer behavior. Knowing your customers helps you not only build a bond with them but also to predict the success of different marketing initiatives and in general your marketing strategy and product development.
  3. Discover unbiased opinions 
    While the majority of Social Listening Tools use a pre-defined glossary or only detect topics in a high-level and generic way, our text intelligence detects all relevant topics in the actual conversations organically and find the “hidden gems” in the long-tail conversations.
  4. Make decisions with more accurate results 
    Social conversation can be extremely noisy, so accuracy is the key to real insights. Our proprietary NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology surfaces audience opinion and sentiment towards the exact topic discussed – and not just on the post level.
  5. Real multi-language 
    Several social analytics tools translate languages into the one that can be handled first. Yet each language has its nuances which will easily get lost in translation. That’s why we are dedicated to developing models for each language and analyze it in its native form.

Finally, you can have additional benefits from enriching your tools with our Psychology AI. For instance, you can get Customized Reports, where each report and dynamic dashboard are adapted to your specific business needs & KPIs. In the same way, we guide you with onboarding and consultancy to help you fully leverage the power of psychographic segments and tailor messages on the deepest level.