Social Listening 2.0: 6 API Integrations to Help You Actively Listen to Your Customers on Social Media


Your customers are out there telling you what they want from your brand on social media and through online reviews. These insights are gold dust for any business, and yet the internet has never been noisier. The sheer extent of the qualitative data out there is so overwhelming for most brands that it’s near-impossible to sift through and identify the highly valuable conversations in amongst the chatter.

Current challenges in social listening

Most social listening tools do a good job of tracking mentions, relevant hashtags and industry trends, but fall short of giving real insight into the text of organic conversations online. This is the difference between tracking metrics and active listening on social media. If brands want to understand their consumer base, they need to sort through individual comments, messages and reviews – an arduous and time-consuming process.

But Symanto API Integration is changing what’s possible. Symanto suite of tools supercharges your social listening capabilities by automating the processes necessary to be able to actively listen and react to your audience on social media and beyond.

What is active listening?

Active listening is the difference between hearing what your audience says about you on social media and in online reviews and seeking out actionable insights to improve your product and your customers’ experience and perception of your brand.

The aim of active listening is to understand who your consumers are. What are their pain points? What needs are they looking to fulfil? What motivates them to make a purchase or choose one brand over another? This information empowers your business to make meaningful decisions when it comes to product development, customer service and brand messaging & communications.

This is exactly what Symanto’s suite of tools was designed to help you achieve.  Symanto integrates all of the API’s mentioned in this article, but they can also be incorporated in isolation to work with your existing Social Listening platform to enhance active listening on social media.

6 API Integrations to enhance active listening on social media

In this section, we’ll break down 6 of Symanto’s APIs and discuss how they can be applied to boost your social listening.

Psycholinguistic APIs


How do your consumers make decisions? Our Personality Traits API analyses texts and transcripts for tonality and linguistic style to predict two types of personality traits: rational and emotional.

You can use this information for psychographic marketing, to segment your audience and appeal to each group according to their personality trait through your marketing messaging. For example, rational personality types might prefer a list of features and functions and be sold on their benefits whereas you might choose to appeal to those with a more emotional personality trait using evocative language, or by selling them on the social benefits of your product.


Our Communication Style Analysis detects the narrative style of a text and the intention behind it. Is the customer looking to take action? Are they seeking information? Are they discussing facts or are they sharing experiences? This information enables you to identify what kind of support your customers need so that you can address them in the right tone through your communication.

Advanced Text Analysis APIs


While sentiment analysis is nothing new in the world of social listening, few, if any, are as advanced as Symanto’s Text Sentiment Analysis API.

Symanto’s deep learning AI is able to understand words and phrases in their context to enhance accuracy even in complex sentences. Take, for example, the following sentence: “It takes an incredibly long time to charge.” For many text sentiment analysis tools, this is a difficult sentence. The word “incredibly” taken out of context is a positive word, yet used in context it is strongly negative. Try it out here.

Symanto’s AI has even learned peculiar turns of phrase if someone were to describe something as “the bee’s knees”, for example, the text sentiment analysis recognises that this conveys a positive sentiment.

Furthermore, our text sentiment analysis models are trained on datasets in the author’s native language as opposed to translated text.

This level of accuracy means that you get a true measure of the emotional connection your customers have with your brand and products.

The API can also be used to enhance customer support by identifying customer comments with the most negative sentiment so that their concerns can be addressed with priority.


Symanto’s Emotion Text Analysis API analyses textual data to automatically reveal the author’s feelings beyond positive/negative sentiment. It can identify joy, fear, disgust, anger, sadness, and surprise with a high level of accuracy.

This enables you to understand the emotional connection customers have with your brand or the varying features and functions of your product or service.


Our Aspect Based Sentiment API identifies and assigns different topics within a text, and then analyses the sentiment related to that topic.

Take the following sentence as an example: “I love the quality of this speaker, I just wish it was available in more colours”. In this one sentence, our Aspect Based Sentiment API is able to distinguish 2 topics & their related emotions (quality & love; product variety & sadness).

As you can see, this allows you to dive deep into consumer sentiment and discover fine-grained opinion insights towards your brand, products and services.


Finally, Symanto’s Natural Language Detection API detects the language of each user even in instances of poor spelling and grammar. It currently supports 100+ languages and can be used across all kinds of textual data.

Find out how Symanto can help your organisation

Want more information on how Symanto’s suite of APIs can be used to enhance your organisation? Our tools have limitless applications, and active listening on social media is just one of them. Get in touch to find out how Symanto APIs can benefit your brand.