Psycholinguistic Text Analytics API – Emotional Intelligence for your Software Solution


To empower more software solutions to become emotionally intelligent when processing text, Symanto’s unique psycholinguistic text analytics is now available via APIs as a cloud service.

Text analytics (also referred to as Natural Language Processing in the language of AI), is the technique of extracting useful insights and meanings from free text such as social posts, emails, reviews, call centre transcripts and much more. It enables us to efficiently process large amount of text to either generate actionable key insights for human (e.g. understanding pain points from customer feedback), or to derive machine-readable facts to automatize process and decision (e.g. marketing automation, robotic process automation).

At Symanto, we are pioneering advancing the NLP technology to teach machines to understand and interpret text like we human do. With our deep learning and psycholinguistic profiling technology, Symanto’s Psychology AI engine understands not only topic and sentiment more accurately, but also gauges emotions between the lines, identifies communication style and purpose, and infers personality traits of the person behind the text.

Compared to traditional text analytics, Symanto Psychology AI creates unparalleled competitive advantage for software solutions. It empowers software to extract deeper insights from text, streamline workflow, and automatize decisions which previously needed human interpretation. Social listening platforms are going beyond sentiment to identify customer emotions and psychographic segmentation by integrating Emotion Analysis and Personality Trait APIs, survey platforms are analysing open-ended responses in real-time with Topic Sentiment Detection and Communication Style to understand opinions and characteristics of respondents, marketing automation platforms can easily serve personalised campaigns even without any personal data by leveraging a range of Psycholinguistic APIs.

Instead of creating an entire text processing system on your own from scratch, you can implement Symanto Psycholinguistic Text Analytics APIs directly into your app or solution and start using the power of emotional intelligence with ease. Sign up today to start taking advantage of the free requests each month to test and build your unique solution.

Read more about Symanto API features and the API documentation.

Are you interested in knowing more about our Psycholinguistics Text Analytics API? Our Professional Services department will be happy to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more. We have a Special launch offer available which should not be missed.