3 Reasons Why You Should Work in a Multi-Cultural Company


When we mention internationality, we are talking about not only having team members from different countries, but also welcoming the different cultural values, traditions and languages inside the organization.

Furthermore, it is crucial for a company to succeed that is driven by its workforce diversity.

Here are 3 reasons why you should work on a multi-cultural company:

  1. You get more creative 

The more cultural diverse your team gets, the more creative and innovative you perform. This is a result of the different new ideas that each team member brings to contribute to the company performance. When you start considering different perspectives to accomplish a challenge, you become more able to adopt how-to-act ways which you didn´t think before.

  1. Your productivity improves

When you work with intercultural teams, you develop your communication skills and embrace a working mode to think-out-of-the-box, which leads not only to innovation, but also increases the motivation of team members to collaborate with each other in a more rapid and dynamic way.

  1. You achieve self-development

When you are part of an organization that is compounded by persons from different nations and cultures, you tend to feel more comfortable to work with each team member, because the mix of cultures promotes a more flexible, tolerant and inclusive environment for collaborative workshops, trainings and coaching.

At Symanto we share more than 32 nationalities coming from 4 of the 5 continents! In addition, we speak more than 20 languages and we are able to get to know ones traditions and cultural values, and of course, the outstanding gastronomy of each country.