5 Top Customer Pain Points: Video Streaming Platforms

customer pain points

Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Apple TV, HBO Max, Hulu, the list goes on. As more horses enter the race, streaming services face higher competition than ever, and customer expectations are increasing, especially in light of rising monthly subscription costs.

In this new ecosystem, streaming services will need to do a lot more than provide great content in order to retain the loyalty of their customers and attract new subscribers.

We recently ran search query on three of the top streaming services: Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video and unearthed the main customer pain points that threaten subscriber loyalty.

We used the Symanto Insights Platform to crawl reviews on each of the platforms. Our advanced natural language processing technology tagged each of the reviews with a topic and subtopic and measured the sentiment expressed relating to each of them. One review can contain multiple subtopics, so it’s important that each of them are measured separately to get a clear and exact understanding of the customer pain points.

The Symanto Insights Platform presents the data in easy-to-understand graphs. The interactive interface allows you to delve into detail and find out exactly which issues are most affecting customers and to what extent.

5 Streaming Platform Customer Pain Points

Each of the three streaming services brought back different results, so unless specified, these issues did not necessarily run across the board. As with any business, each streaming platform would need different priorities moving forward in order to improve overall sentiment and retain customer loyalty.

To find out more about the issues facing each of the streaming platforms in detail, you can read more about our case study here. Otherwise, read on to discover the top five streaming platform pain points.

1. Customer service experience

Good customer service is fundamental for any business, but across the board streaming service subscribers looking to resolve their issues just face further frustration with customer service.


Customers report rude or in some cases non-existent customer service. Speed of service was also a common issue.

“Honestly very shocked with the customer service. No accountability, no engagement to resolve the problem and deliberately unhelpful.”

Netflix customer

“I got through on the helpline, but the first thing the agent mentioned was that he should be on his lunch break.”

Disney+ customer

To improve this situation, streaming service companies could consider additional training for their customer-facing employees.

2. Usability and functionality issues

Apps freezing or otherwise failing to work is another common customer pain point. This was a particular issue for Disney+ customers who complained of having to repeatedly reinstall the app to get it working.


The main pain point for Prime Video customers is the confusing interface that’s difficult to navigate.

“The user interface is a mess. It’s incomprehensible and literally aversive to use.”

Prime Video customer

In both instances, further app development would be necessary to reduce frustration and improve customers’ experiences.

3. Money issues

When Netflix raised the price of their monthly subscription last year it caused a spike in conversation around whether their offerings legitimised the price hike. The response was generally negative though some reviewers felt that even with the price hike Netflix’ service still offered good value for money.

Fraud or perceived fraud is another recurring customer pain point especially amongst Netflix and Prime Video subscribers. People complain of being charged after cancelling their subscription or being charged twice.

4. Variety and quality of shows

Quality and variety of content matter to video streamers. Customers want diversified content and plenty of options.


Netflix fares well with generally positive reviews regarding variety, though there are some reviews complaining of a recent downturn in quality and variety

“Netflix is variety through and through, it caters to everyone and every age group.”

Netflix customer

“Netflix, not what it used to be, variety can be a lot better”

Netflix customer

5. Streaming issues

This is another issue that’s seen across the board. Curiously, each of the streaming services have received reviews from customers stating that their laggy streaming experience is unique to one specific platform.

“I have a a few other streaming services and only Netflix continues to constantly buffer. My other services work great.”

Netflix customer

“The streaming service itself is slow and prone to buffering. My broadband services have been excellent and none of these issues arise with my other subscriptions”

Disney+ customer

“There are constant streaming/buffering issues, regardless of device, speed of internet, or chosen video quality.”

Prime Video customer

Streaming service companies will need to research to get to the bottom of these issues. It might be that lagginess is an issue specific to apps on certain devices.

Other Notable Pain Points


Customers are affronted by Prime Video’s recent inclusion of non-skippable ads in the middle of shows. The consensus is that this feature has no place in the middle of a paid service.

“I pay for Amazon prime and now I'm getting a ton of ads. What's up with that?”

Prime Video customer

Cancelling shows

It’s always upsetting to find that your favourite show won’t renew for another series. When a popular show gets cancelled there’s an ensuing rush of complaints in forums and reviews online. Streaming companies with their ear to the ground have been known to renew cancelled shows by popular demand.

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