6 Enterprise Technology Trends to Watch in 2022

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The “digital transformation” would be better described as “digital evolution”. New technologies continue to morph, reshape and redefine what’s possible in business, and are increasingly accessible to businesses of all sizes.


The enterprise tech trends we’re seeing today reflect the ongoing project of digital transformation as businesses become more familiar with new technologies and more open to new opportunities to get ahead of the competition.

6 Enterprise Technology Trends for 2022

1. Keeping the pulse of consumer satisfaction

A tremendous amount of data is generated by customers across social media, review sites, CRM platforms and more. Social listening is nothing new, but getting granular insights from big data is challenging without the right technology.


Symanto’s advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology identifies topics and subtopics in text and measures the sentiment of each so that you can easily identify customer pain points, and get to the grain of where your company’s strengths lie.

2. Optimising customer service

High level, 24/7 customer service is now the expectation for many consumers, and keeping them happy has never been more important. In the age of social proof, bad reviews directly translate to lost profits. So it’s no wonder that businesses are finding ways to optimise customer service.


Use Symanto’s emotion and sentiment analysis technology within your CRM channels and on social media to alert your customer service team to urgent requests so that they can prioritise and respond to them immediately.

3. Human capital management

The great employee exodus of 2021 has left companies reeling, and companies are doubling down their efforts to build employee engagement with employee satisfaction strategies.

As well as reducing employee churn, maximising employee satisfaction has other benefits:

A Gallup study found that highly engaged business units achieve…

  • A 17% rise in productivity
  • A 41% reduction in absenteeism
  • A 10% increase in customer ratings
  • A 20% increase in sales
  • A 21% increase in profitability

The first step to improving employee satisfaction is to accurately measure it. And many enterprises fall short at this first hurdle. Annual satisfaction surveys just won’t give you an up-to-date, clear understanding of how your employees feel. They’re limited, and perceived as an arduous task, leading to survey fatigue and skewed results.

A more reliable way to get honest feedback and a more accurate picture of employee satisfaction is to read into organically generated content on social media, and employee review sites such as Glassdoor. You can also use NLP technologies to detect emotion and low satisfaction in employee communications such as email.

4. System integration

In the rush for digitalisation, enterprises accumulated on average 900 different applications, yet only a fraction of these apps are integrated, meaning that processes become unnecessarily labyrinthian.

The new challenge is to integrate applications for more connected, streamline processes to boost productivity and create a more cohesive experience.

The problem is that many apps are not designed for easy integration, and as a result, integration projects are time-consuming and expensive.

Symanto offers developer-friendly APIs to facilitate fast and easy system integration, making Symanto technologies fit many diverse applications.

5. Security

Public concerns around security issues have led to a spike in interest around security technologies for enterprises.


Such technologies include:

  • User behaviour analytics – to detect unusual user behaviour in the event of a security breach
  • Hardware authentication – baking security authentication into hardware to prevent remote hacking
  • Data loss prevention – for example, technologies enabling businesses to perform analytics on encrypted data, reducing the risk of exposure.

6. Defining an AI strategy

AI adoption in enterprises has skyrocketed, accelerated by the Covid crisis. A PWC survey found that companies that rolled out AI enterprise-wide are “more optimistic about growth”.

But many are still overwhelmed by the many AI offerings out there and the process of creating enterprise-wide changes.

These companies will need to look at their current business strategies and processes and see where there is the greatest potential for optimisation with AI technologies. For example, discover which time-consuming processes can be automated by AI technologies, or look at how AI can help fill knowledge gaps to help you better understand your customers.

Training will also be key to using AI technologies to their full potential in 2022. Technologically trained employees are in short supply, so businesses will turn to internal training to further capitalise on the opportunities provided by AI.

At Symanto, we focus on making our products, such as our Symanto Insights Platform, accessible by creating user-friendly and intuitive interfaces, requiring minimal onboarding.

In summary, enterprises will need to restructure around AI and ensure sufficient employee training and onboarding to make the most of their AI investments.

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Many of the enterprise technology trends anticipated in 2022 relate to understanding your customers and your workforce, and enhancing existing infrastructures. Symanto technologies are primed for both.

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