Amazon Review Analytics: Sentiment Analysis on Large Scale Amazon Product Reviews


Star ratings are just the start of the story. In fact, sometimes, they don’t tell the story at all. Your consumers are sharing their experiences online, and you know that locked within those thousands of reviews is highly valuable information.
There are several major challenges when it comes to large scale Amazon review analytics – and they’re the same challenges faced by anyone attempting to get to grips with big data.

  • Volume: The sheer amount of content poses a huge challenge for anyone attempting to analyse Amazon product reviews on a large scale.
  • Speed: Big brands selling multiple products across multiple territories struggle to keep on top of reviews that come in thick and fast. Analysis can quickly become resource-intensive.
  • Unstructured data: Reviews are a form of unstructured data. They cannot be neatly organised into a spreadsheet. Unstructured data requires processing before any meaning can be derived from it.

The Symanto Insights Platform has been designed to analyse unstructured text data quickly and effectively at scale.
As well as sentiment analysis, the Symanto Insights Platform can also uncover fascinating insights into consumer psychographics, and measure what proportion of reviewers are recommending your brand.

Sentiment analysis on large scale Amazon product reviews with the Symanto Insights Platform

Harvesting data from Amazon couldn’t be easier. Simply enter the URL that you’d like to crawl, and the number of entries you’d like to analyse, and the Symanto Insights Platform sets to work.
Within a matter of minutes, the Symanto Insights Platform can analyse thousands of data entries and present them in a series of intuitive data visualisations.
You upload various databases at a time to compare, for example, two different products, or conduct competitor analysis.

Net sentiment over time

In the first tab, the Symanto Insights Platform displays an overview of the total volume of posts mentioning your product, and net sentiment over time.
This first stop will give you an idea of the popularity of your product and whether there have been any major changes that need addressing.


In the second tab, you can easily see what proportion of reviewers write positively about your brand compared to the proportion who write negatively or are indifferent.
In the side panel, you can also view a word cloud displaying topics and terms people are speaking about and the sentiment behind the conversations. Green words and terms indicate positive sentiment, red indicates negative sentiment, while black indicates that the writers were, on balance, indifferent.
The Symanto Insights Platform is more accurate than other text analysis software as it views each word in context. For example, the term “quickly” out of context could be seen as generally positive, for example, “it arrived quickly”, “we were served quickly”. However, in a different context it is decidedly negative “it broke quickly”, “my son quickly became disinterested”.
Needless to say, this level of accuracy is particularly important when analysing Amazon reviews at a large scale reviews as you cannot look through the entire database to manually check each entry.

Topics and subtopics

Symanto classifies and organises content based on topic and subtopic to allow you to delve deeper and find out more information about what people are saying.
For example, say there is a generally positive sentiment regarding the service at your restaurant. Click on the topic to find out more. You might discover that while the wait staff is friendly, there are problems with your delivery service that need addressing.
Filter by positive or negative sentiments. When you click on a topic, you are presented with a word cloud to show you the most mentioned subtopics, and their associated sentiment.
You can delve even deeper to read original reviews mentioning your selected topic.


As well as sentiment analysis, the Symanto Insights Platform can also uncover fascinating insights regarding the psychographics of the authors of the product reviews.
Find out whether reviewers are emotionally driven, or whether they are driven by facts and statistics. Discover their communication style preferences – do they prefer to share their experiences, or give an objective and informative review.


Finally, the Symanto Insights Platform analyses each review to see whether they promote, detract from or are indifferent to your brand. Reviews that either promote of detract from your brand are written with the intention to influence the reader.
The Symanto Insights Platform also measures what percentage of these authors have an emotional attachment to your brand. Promoters with an emotional connection are over twice as valuable to your business than highly satisfied customers without an emotional attachment.

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