How To Reap The Full Benefits of Social Media Monitoring for Human Resources

HR Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring has many diverse applications in human relations. HR software companies are taking on new technologies that can analyse social media for important insights for talent acquisition and management.

Many HRM tech companies apply topic and sentiment detection technologies to gain insights into what employees have to say about, for example, their salaries and benefits, workplace relationships, opinions on company culture, etc.

Then there are lesser-known, cutting edge AI technologies for psychographic insights such as personality trait detection and communication style preferences that can derive deep insights for s for employee acquisition and retention.

We look at the current role and potential of social media monitoring to inform HR strategies.

HR Social Media Monitoring Use Cases

Talent acquisition

Identify talent

Monitor social media to identify potential candidates with expertise and influence within your industry.

Audit potential employees

Monitor not only what they have said online but what others have been saying about them. What’s their track record with their former employees? Have they bad-mouthed your company in the past when working for a competitor? Is there any concerning behaviour e.g. trolling that might negatively affect your company either in the workplace or through association with your brand?

Talent management

Audit existing employees

While companies should respect the privacy and autonomy of their employees, there are some circumstances that warrant monitoring employees’ public online activity.

If your organisation’s reputation is on the line, if your employees work with vulnerable people, or if a particular employee has already been disciplined, social media monitoring of their profiles may be necessary.

Monitor employee satisfaction and engagement

Monitor your organisation’s name online for signs of disgruntled employees or discussions around employee satisfaction. Use our advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology to detect sentiment per topic. For example, analyse satisfaction around such topics as company culture, diversity, wellbeing, management and compensation.

With our technology, you can easily extend your social media monitoring to include reviews and discussions on job hunting sites such as

Identify at-risk employees

HR software companies can apply NLP sentiment and emotion detection technology to identify when an employee is disengaging or becoming despondent in their communication. With early indication, HR teams can intervene to prevent employee churn before it’s too late.

Uncover key psychographics

What motivates your employees? What’s the best way to communicate with your employees to boost productivity? There isn’t a catch-all answer to these questions. Understanding how your employees take in and process information is important particularly when you want to reengage employees or when you’re handling sensitive HR issues.

Symanto Big Five and Symanto Psychographics are two APIs that combine the most popular personality theories (Big Five / OCEAN and Carl Jung / Myers-Briggs respectively) with our advanced NLP technologies. Use our cutting-edge APIs to get statistics on key personality traits such as introversion/extraversion, emotionality and rationality.

Reputation management

Be alerted to strong negative sentiment around your brand on social media and monitor for examples of disgruntled existing or former employees. Early intervention is key to limiting reputational damage and ensuring brand health.

Competitor analysis

One of the great benefits of analysing social media data is that it’s easy to get a large amount of relevant and publicly accessible data on your competitors.

Run a like for like analysis on social media and review data to get an idea of your competitor tactics when it comes to HR strategy. With Symanto technology you can easily benchmark your performance against several competitors to uncover areas of improvement. For example, how satisfied are your employees with their salaries and compensation compared to your leading competitor? Do similar companies offer specific incentives, adopt wellbeing initiatives, have they continued to allow employees to work from home, do they have a better diversity record, etc.? There’s a wealth of useful information waiting to be unlocked in employee conversations online.

As you can see, there’s plenty of value in monitoring social media and other relevant sites where employees can publish comments about your company. At a time when companies are still battling to retain talent, these employee insights are all the more relevant.

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