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What is Symanto Insights Platform?

Symanto Insights Platform is an AI-powered text analytics tool to help you understand how your customers think and feel about your product or brand. Being able to analyse big amounts of rating and review data from over 75 sources such as Amazon, Tripadvisor or even Glassdoor, Symanto Insights Platform delivers you qualitative insights about your consumers and thereby helps you to answer your relevant business questions within minutes:

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Brand Recommendation feature​
Measure your Brand Health, explore how consumers experience your Brand and see how your competitors perform in comparison
Topics feature​
Understand which pain points your customers are facing regarding your product and what you can do to improve it
Psychographics feature​
Uncover the psychographics of your customers and design the perfect message to reach them
Timeline feature​
Survey the topics that your customers dealt with, how active they have been and what sentiment they had over time and link the results to specific events, i.e. your marketing campaigns
Comparison feature​
Compare topics among different segments of your data, and discover relative strength & weakness of a specific product, brand or segment

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