Symanto Attending SEPLN 2020 Congress and CLEF 2020 Conference


It has been another exciting week at Symanto HQ as we are attending two very important scientific events for AI and research community. We are committed to using AI for good and through these events we aim to reach wider audiences and make a difference with the power of artificial intelligence.

We are delighted to showcase how the use of NLP technology on social media data uncovers the real impact of Coronavirus on mental health as well as profiling fake news spreaders on Twitter.

SEPLN 2020 Congress

We partnered with Atribus to develop live Covid-19 Mental Health tracker to monitor the effects in Spain and South American countries. As a result of this successful partnership where their monitoring technology is combined with our unique API, we have published a paper at the SEPLN Congress (Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing).

Our paper covers the details of mental health tracker and covers findings like the most mental health triggering factors, the effects of Covid-19 on different genders and how the mood index fluctuates over time. You can download the full paper here.

We will also be presenting our demo at the online congress where we are showcasing our methodology and analysis to provide better understanding the impacts of Coronavirus on people’s mental health.

CLEF 2020 Conference

The CLEF Initiative (Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum) is a body to promote research, innovation and development of information access systems. As part of our research community efforts, we are attending CLEF 2020, an international conference on AI and its evaluation. We have organised a shared task of author profiling where the participants are asked to “Profile Fake News Spreaders on Twitter” and we have sponsored the award for the best performing team.

We will also be giving a keynote speech at the online conference where we are talking about our psychology powered AI solutions and API which was used by several participants of the competition.

We are excited to be participating at these scientific events and share our knowledge and technology while contributing to the research and AI community through several projects.

Please feel free to reach out to us for more information on our AI capabilities and the latest use cases of artificial intelligence in research.