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Retail Industry

CASE STUDY Retail Industry Our target is to become completely consumer centric. Symanto’s technology is helping us to do that. SVP Brand Commerce Retail Industry A multinational corporation, that designs


FMCG Industry

CASE STUDY FMCG Industry Targeting based on Symanto’s Psychological Profiling is far beyond demographics or behavior Head of Global Customer Insights FCMG Industry A success story about a transnational consumer


Automotive Industry

CASE STUDY Automotive Industry Through Symanto, we understand our customers’ motivation and apply this knowledge to marketing and communication activities which has proven to be highly effective. Head of Digital


adidas OUTDOOR

CASE STUDY adidas OUTDOOR The project enables a unique ability to formulate one message, and tell our consumers one story whilst embedding all the communication elements that trigger different segments


Brands who trust us

Symanto as a partner helped us to gain much deeper insights from our Social Media channels. Social Media has become an important source for market insights, where we can derive real audiences feedback and make improvements for our formats and social media campaigns, and it's not just a source for measuring KPIs anymore. We couldn’t analyze comments on social media channels in such depth before our cooperation with Symanto. Given that this was a new approach for us, it was very important to understand the process and its benefits but also the limitations of this methodology. We can clearly say that the team at Symanto is very competent, always extremely helpful and fun to work with.

Symanto is a great partner for us to kickstart sentiment analysis focused on customer experience insights. As an innovative research company it is important for us to map various use cases which we feel is possible with the Symanto Insights Platform. The great amount of customisation and transparency convinced us to adopt this approach as a core solution. Besides, the team at Symanto has been very helpful along the way and we highly appreciate the constant effort to improve and refine the platform.


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